Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Christmas Time....

Friendships are a true gift from God! When God places a great friend in your life, treasure them like gold. Corrie is a wonderful friend and amazing photographer. She recently snapped a few Christmas photos for us. I love them, Corrie! Thank you. Her blog address is....

I have fallen in love with Ali Grace's Christmas outfit this year! Absolutely precious. The double ruffle snowflake pants are $30 and coordinating Christmas t-shirt $20.


  1. sooo cute! thanks for the compliments and i am also thankful for your friendship :)

  2. Sherry! I love love love Tucker's 1 year old shirt! I can't wait for him to wear it.
    I gave your hubby a check, I looked to see what your prices for the shirts were on line - if it isn't enough just let me know!
    Merry Christmas!